Beauty in a world full of chaos


Every morning I have been looking in the mirror and ask myself “If today were the last day of my life, am I about to do what I wanted to become?” Through the past years I’ve been living with dreams and hopes but not until life hit me with a brick where I got completely terrified. From then on, my life was filled with unresolved situations, rejections and drastic circumstances. My visions in the future began to diverge and eventually had a fall out. I was a tortured soul. But amid all the doom and gloom, a ray of sunshine has come near me. If it weren’t for these consequent failures probably I’m still vulnerable and less sure about everything. 

Much of who I am right now is because of these rigorous attacks that continue to make me strong & resilient. Now when people asks me I always say, I’ve never been better and if life decides to unravel again I can always try to bend and snap. Never loose hope and continue chasing your dreams! 


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